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T.A.I is a small non-profit Civil Society and Charity Organisation based in The Gambia, West Africa (FORMERLY KNOWN AS SAINT FOUNDATION) T.A.I has been in existence since the year 2015 although not registered at the time, but have been active in the areas of Peace & Conflict Resolution Advocacy, Community building for Women, Youth Empowerment Programs, Good Deeds Days Events, Mental Health Visitation and Medical Supplies, and Children's Educational Supplies.

The AfriCare Initiative Peace Conference 2019 Clip

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Good Deeds Day

Banjul, The Gambia




Gambia National Wrestling Competition

Banjul, The Gambia




The Peace Concert

Banjul, The Gambia

Vision Statement

The AfriCare Initiative is motivated to assist other established charities to aid their rural and urban community development. To encourage women, youth and children that are affected very poorly in society by reaching them with a meaningful intervention aimed at obtaining and accessing economic resources that will improve their livelihood.

Mission Statement

The AfriCare Initiative aims to fulfill her visionary goal by working extremely hard so at the end of it all, everyone involved will experience a healthy, compassionate, educated and well informed community.

Support the T.A.I Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions in our community, especially in the lives of our women, youths and children of The Gambia. Your generous donation will fund our projects.


T.A.I is focused on helping and making the world around us a better, happier and safer place. With the help of our Main sponsor and tireless staff, we organize Peace and Conflict Resolution conferences, Community-Building events, Good Deeds Day events, Gambian Youth Empowerment Events, Rural Area visitation, Schools, Hospital and Mental Health Medical Supplies, give away Food and Cloths, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.

Are you passionate about Social Work, Charity Work, Peace and Conflict Resolution and all what T.A.I is doing? Let us know! We are always looking for supporters and volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team! Whether you help through monetary donations, as a full member or probably volunteering your time, and spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, you are all welcome on board.



The AfriCare Initiative quarterly visitation to The Gambian Children and women Hospitals in The Gambia. Distribution Of Medical Supplies, Clothing, Shoes, Food.

The AfriCare Initiative supports the children through educational materials and school supplies, books, bicycles, toys etc to the rural and urban community schools. Teaching and advocating Peace and Morals, encouraging them to live with love and compassion with all humans.

The AfriCare Peace Initiative is a yearly conference, concert or festival which intends to address issues affecting our society yearly, by connecting sustainable development to the principles of democracy and human rights. T.A.P.I seeks to promote and strengthen Peace and Conflict Resolution, Youth Leadership skills for good governance and democracy, enhance the participation of young people in decision making skills and electoral processes, promote human rights and related concepts and encourage women to participate in democratic processes. Mainly, T.A.P.I focuses in educating, sensitizing and encouraging every Gambian citizen to live in Peace with all men at all times and with all cost regardless or our disagreement and differences. 2019 Peace Conference is a platform that aims at building capacities and strengthening engagement of Civil Society Organizations, Project 3 years Jotna Group / 5 years Activists Group, Gambian Youth Activists, Peace Ambassadors, Government agencies, NGO Agencies, Public and Private Sectors, All Media Houses and other concerned institutions in the Gambia on a National discourse and peacefully dialogue on the state of the matter at hand, and the sustenance of our nations peaceful co-existence.


Through our strive to empower the youth, T.A.I created "The National Wrestling Competition" 'MBAPAT' a traditional sport competition for youth of The Gambia, to showcase their talent, and to get them engaged, and competitive in the mindset, to eliminate idle thoughts of senseless travel through the Mediterranean deserts and seas. This concept promotes proper livelihood, and job creation. Our 2017 / 2018 winners, 4 out of 9 became contracted wrestlers, 2 more became business men in the field of life stock and clothing. Therefore, we encourage to continue supporting THE AFRICARE INITIATIVE (TAI) FORMERLY KNOWN AS Saint Foundation, and it's partners, The AfriCare Group to bring this program in a yearly event. 

The AfriCare Initiative T.A.I.
in partnership with Good Deeds Day Israel.​ 1st Project. Good Deeds Day Sunday ​2nd April 2017 Venue: - Children's Hospital Banjul, The Gambia. (We donated Food, Water, Medicine and Clothing's to the Patients in the hospital. 2nd Project. Good Deeds Day Sunday 15th April 2018 Venue: - Tanka Tanka, (Psychiatric Hospital Salagie/Sukuta, The Gambia. (We donated medical supplies, Bathing soaps, clothing's for the men and women, Provided lunch and drinks for the whole staff and patients of The Psychiatric Home, spent time with them as part of our Good Deeds. 3rd Project. Good Deeds Day Sunday April 7th 2019. T.A.I 12TH APRIL 2019 April 12th 2019, participated on the international program of Doing Good. This year, we targeted the Bijilo Lower Basic School, a School with over 1,500 students, and 41 teachers. We donated school supplies, help finance electricity so test papers can be printed, and computer lab can function, (These are just a few on the list of items and issues most schools face, on a daily basis, thus hindering proper teaching and proper education of certain subjects for students and also very challenging for teachers). We also supplied funds for other necessities needed to help promote education in our communities. We want to thank our Sponsors: The AfriCare Group ltd - visit them on Prime Stationery _ visit them: Kairaba Avenue, The Gambia We also want to thank our volunteers and core team for job well done!!

TAI Gallery

Peace Conference 2019

We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

The AfriCare initiative Wrestling Competition 2017/18

Grand Mbapat 2017/18

The AfriCare Initiative Good Deeds Day 2018

Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital Banjul

The AfriCare Initiative Team

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Marie Sock           

                Chairman / CEO / Founder

Ms. Haratou Jallow

Representative USA

Taslima Jallow                            


Ms. Ingrid Huchard

Consultant USA

Madam Aisatou Taro Jones


Dr. Demba K. Dabore


       Mr. Kizito Nasif                                

                                                COUNTRY COODINATOR                                                                UGANDA CHAPTER   


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Given Back to the Community via
Good Deeds Day

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Good Deeds Day 2019. Educational Material Donation to Bijilo Basic School

To ensure that the Community Benefit all these things, T.A.I have practical tools in place for accomplishing her visionary end. T.A.I do this work by convening, engaging, mobilizing and supporting the community, "The only way we can create a great future for our community is if we do our work in a way that reflects universally shared values. This ensures we do not squander our time and resources rationalizing our actions. Additionally, to show a greater transparency in everything we do, we have partnered and engage Gambian government ministries and their representatives to witness our activities, in doing so, it helps ensure we are not potentially squandering our community's goodwill.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions in our community, especially in the lives of our women, youths and children of The Gambia. Your generous donation will fund our projects and programs. Bank Name: Zenith Bank (Gambia) Ltd OFFSHORE TRANSFER DETAILS Account Name: The Africare Initiative US DOLLARS Account Number: 6010501679 JP MORGAN CHASE NEW YORK Swift Code: ZEIBGMGM SWIFT: CHASUS33 BBAN: 014204601050167982 ROUNTING NO: 021000021 ACCOUNT NO. 544714562 BENEFICIARY BANK GHANA INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC SWIFT: GHIBGB2L FURTHER CREDIT TO ZENITH BANK GAMBIA LTD CUSTOMER'S NAME: THE AFRICARE INITIATIVE

About us

T.A.I is a small non-profit Civil Society and Charity Organisation based in The Gambia, West Africa

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